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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Pingping Zhao and I am a Chinese doctor. I was working in a state hospital in China in the past. My Chinese  acupuncture and herbal medicine centre was set up in Hampton (TW12 2NS) nearly 20 years ago and a lot of people know me. 

Duding 2020 and of the first 3 months of 2021 we have met the Covid-19 and new coronaviruses variants pandemic, but that brought us closer despite causing hardship. We face the challenges never give up, never despair, because we know that we are not alone, even on the darkest nights there is hope in the new dawn.

According to government and Richmond council instructions,  easing of the lockdown from 12 April 2021, my acupuncture and herbal medicine centre can open again. In the next days, we will meet some new challenges, but as my medical costs increase, my clinic services prices have to increase a little too. How to change these negative factors to positive? I am ready to do my best, give you a good quality service and make sure you are safe in my clinic to recover the little price increase. For example:
  1. Firstly we only see one patient at a period time to avoid several people being together in my clinic at the same time, keep a suitable distance;
  2. Between two patients, we clean the first patient's touched places, fresh clinic air, keep a suitable moment;  
  3. When see patient (or some one who just wants to ask some questions), my clinic staff will ware face marks to make sure we are both safe;     
  4. More frequently washing with hot water, clean everything in my clinic, continue to maintain sharp vigilance against all rest viruses until the pandemic or spread are no longer such a serious threat.
Let the light of Nightingale, the spirit of selflessness, courage, self-discipline, and quiet good-humored resolve, fellow-felling and love, guide us in the times ahead. If we remain united, resolute, loving and caring, working together, then we will  overcome the viruses, and we will completely succeed in our fight against the pandemic, protecting our NHS and saving lives.  

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm;

    Website: http://www.drpingping.co.uk  

Face Corona Virus: How we should protect ourselves.

I have undertaken an oath of responsibility for the wellbeing of my patients and I will continue to serve this responsibility in any way that I can.