My Mobile phone number is: 07876 123115, please first use this number to contact me;

My clinic telephone number is: 020 89410966. If I cannot answer your call immediately, please leave your telephone number and your name (please don't speak too fast, maybe I cannot catch you), I will call back as soon as possible.

Or you can send email to me, my email address is: 

Services and prices

1.     Acupuncture £60 / per session;

2.    Cupping £60 / per session;  

3.     Gua Sha  (eliminate toxin) £70 / per session;

4.     Tui Na (Chinese massage therapy) £70 / per session (only for children);

5.     Acupuncture & Gua Sha  £100 / per session;

6.      Moxibustion (Chinese herbal candle instead of needles) £150 per session;

7.   Chinese dry herbs £60 / seven packages for one week. (Note: according to Chinese Health Department suggested Chinese dry herbs to help people with viruses are £70 / seven packages for one week, which is the wholesale price, I do not make a profit, because we are all victims by the viruses.)  

How do find out my clinic:

My clinic address is: 39 Priory Road, Hampton, Greater London, TW12 2NS.

By train: nearest station is: Hampton. And then walk about 3 minutes; 

By bus 111: Percy Road stop, and then walk about 2 minutes;

By bus R70, Percy Road stop, and then walk about 7 minutes;

If you are driving a car, you can park in front of my clinic.

My clinic working time:

Monday -- Saturday 9:00am -- 5:00pm.

Dr Pingping Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Centre