my videos

I have made three videos and published on YouTube on 22 March 2020, which name is "Face the coronavirus, how should we protect ourselves? 1, 2 & 3". 

In the videos I told my patients that if you or your family have previously had 10 sessions of acupuncture or Chinese herbs treatment totally at my clinic, I give you for free 2 Chinese herbal candles. 

In my video second & third parts, I show  how should we use traditional Chinese medical therapies as Moxibustion (Chinese herbal candle) and Gua Sha to improve our immune system function and let it work normally. Because if the immune system reaction is too low, no power fight against the virus; if the reaction is too strong, which easy injure our body. The three videos link as below:




At the moment, I cannot give each patient of mine the Chinese herbal candle, because I didn't buy a lot of Chinese herbal candle in the past. But when I can buy more Chinese herbal candles, I will continue free give my patients, help more people fight against the coronavirus. In China, we have a word that is one promise to undertake, which deserve to be value the rest live.