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Please note:

To support you and your families during this difficult time, I have made a three-part video series: "Face the coronavirus, how we should protect ourselves". 

If you or your family have received ten sessions of Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Tea treatment at my clinic you can collect two, complimentary Chinese Herbal Candles. Please call me directly: 07876123115.

During this time, our immune system response can be too strong, which can damage the body, or, it can be too weak, which means we will not have enough power to fight the virus. Therefore, balancing our immune system during this time is essential. 

Video 1, is an introduction on Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies how to protect your body from the virus. 

Videos 2 and 3, shows you how to use Tradition Chinese Medicine methods such as Moxibustion (Chinese Herbal Candle) and Gua Sha (Detoxing) to improve and balance the functioning of the immune system.

 In China, I have undertaken an oath of responsibility for the wellbeing of my patients and I will continue to serve this responsibility in any way that I can. 

Video 1: Introducing Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies to prevent against the virus.

Video 2: How to use Chinese herbal candle (Moxibustion) and Gua Sha

Video 3: How to use Chinese Herbal Candle (Moxibustion) and Gua Sha (continued)