Chinese Acupuncture
    Acupuncture therapy is a using special needles stimulate acupuncture
    points (energetic points or detoxify points) on body that make a great
    effect on improvement of circulation and balance of Qi (Chi), blood,
    and bodily fluids that help relief-pain, treatment illness, relaxes body.
    There is usually no pain associated with acupuncture, rather a lot of
    people feel that it’s quite enjoyable. We use packed sterilized
    single use needles.  

                         Moxibustion (Chinese herbal candle)
    Moxibustion is a non -needle therapy, its history is much longer than 
    acupuncture in China. It mostly uses a Chinese herbal candle (about
    20 cm length, 1.2 cm diameter) instead of acupuncture needles to   
    stimulate acupuncture points and Jing Luo lines on the body surface 
    that make a more powerful effect than acupuncture  on circulation and 
    balance, relief-pain, treatment  illness, relaxes the body and help 
    growing body energy.

                         Chinese herbal medicine
    Chinese herbal medicines mostly originate from plants (root, leaf and 
    seed), fruits and vegetables. Each herb has its own specific effect to 
    help body circulation and balance. The Chinese herbal medicine must 
    be given by qualified TCM practitioners. We conduct a diagnostic 
    interview, which include asking questions relating to your health 
    problems, taking your pulse and examining your tongue, before making
    a group of Chinese herbal medicine.  

    The application to an acupuncture point or an
affected area of the body      of glass cup (bamboo cup or porcelain cup)  from which  the air has          been expelled to create a negative pressure inside and to produce            suction of the cup to the skin, and then detoxify directly and improve          circulation, relief-pain. 

                                                Gua Sha

    Gua Sha is a special Chinese massage therapy
that is for detoxify and
    improve circulation, relief-pain, treatment illness, relaxes body.  

                                            Tui Na 

    Tui Na is a  Chinese massage therapy that used  for relaxing the                muscles, improve circulation and balance, prevention and treatment of      diseases by applying various massage manipulation.


      1.      Acupuncture £60 / per session;

2.     Cupping £60 / per session;  

3.      Gua Sha  (eliminate toxin) £70 / per session;

4.      Tui Na (Chinese massage therapy) £70 / per session (only for children);

5.     Acupuncture & Gua Sha  £100 / per session;

6.      Moxibustion (Chinese herbal candle instead of needles) £150 per session;

7.   Chinese dry herbs £60 / seven packages for one week. (Note: according to Chinese Health Department suggested Chinese dry herbs to help people with viruses are £70 / seven packages for one week, which is the wholesale price, I do not make a profit, because we are all victims by the viruses.)